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Little Heroines of Pi Mu Phi

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Youth mentoring program where we uplift, encourage mentor, and teach our young ladies how to build a legacy and be their own hero. This program is open for all youth both military and civilian from age 3-18.

S.H.E. (Saving Hero’s Everyday)

Counseling on mental and emotional resiliency, drug rehabilitation, and connecting veterans to outside resources for additional help that cannot be provided by Women Elevated. (services provided by W.E.)


Assisting Women Veterans in acute crisis BEFORE they become homeless. Elevating and empowering women through sisterhood, common interest, wealth, and legacy building. 

V.E.T. (Veteran Education Training)


Connecting Veterans with FREE training, accessing their V.A. Benefits and classes/information on starting their own business. (services provided by W.E.)

1 Race

To alleviate homelessness and hunger globally. We currently serve and are seeking volunteers in the Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado area. 

D.E.P (Dependent Education Program)


Serving veteran dependent children ages 12-18 years old with after-school programs (currently available in Kansas and Washington State) reading classes and yearly scholarships. (services provided by W.E.)

Want to learn more . . . Visit PI MU PHI Military Sorority, INC.

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